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  • ahamed / jext-cli

    ahamed'sjext-cli, This is a Joomla Component Builder CLI tool for creating a Joomla! 4 component using the terminal. ahamed code about project.

  • ahamed / jsphp

    ahamed'sjsphp, A php library for implementing Array, Object, String methods in JavaScript way. ahamed code about project.

  • allysonsilva / php-pre-commit

    allysonsilva'sphp-pre-commit, :octocat: Git pre-commit hook designed for any PHP projects allysonsilva code about project.

  • atomlinter / linter-phpcs

    atomlinter'slinter-phpcs, Linter plugin for PHP, using PHP_CodeSniffer. atomlinter code about project.

  • automattic / vip-coding-standards

    automattic'svip-coding-standards, PHP_CodeSniffer ruleset to enforce WordPress VIP coding standards. automattic code about project.

  • axelerant / drupal-quality-checker

    axelerant'sdrupal-quality-checker, Pre-commit code quality checker for Drupal based projects. axelerant code about project.

  • beechit / json-to-code-climate-subset-converter

    beechit'sjson-to-code-climate-subset-converter, CLI tool that'll convert supported JSON files to a subset of the Code Climate JSON format beechit code about project.

  • benmatselby / atom-php-checkstyle

    benmatselby'satom-php-checkstyle, ✅ [DEPRECATED] Checkstyle reporter for PHP, utilising phpcs, phpmd, php linter and php-cs-fixer benmatselby code about project.

  • benmatselby / sublime-phpcs

    benmatselby'ssublime-phpcs, 🔍 PHP CodeSniffer, PHP Coding Standard Fixer, Linter and Mess Detector Support for Sublime Text benmatselby code about project.

  • chekalsky / phpcs-action

    chekalsky'sphpcs-action, Github Action helps you check your code with PHP_CodeSniffer chekalsky code about project.

  • christophherr / linter-sniffer-pretty-printer

    christophherr'slinter-sniffer-pretty-printer, Collection of packages and configs to lint and format code in your WordPress project. christophherr code about project.

  • claudiosanches / vscode-wpcs-whitelist-flags

    claudiosanches'svscode-wpcs-whitelist-flags, Add WordPress Coding Standards whitelist flags to your code in Visual Studio Code. claudiosanches code about project.

  • cytopia / docker-phpcs

    cytopia'sdocker-phpcs, Alpine-based multistage-build version of phpcs for reproducible usage in CI cytopia code about project.

  • exussum12 / coveragechecker

    exussum12'scoveragechecker, Allows old code to use new standards exussum12 code about project.

  • floedesigntechnologies / phpcs-security-audit

    floedesigntechnologies'sphpcs-security-audit, phpcs-security-audit is a set of PHP_CodeSniffer rules that finds vulnerabilities and weaknesses related to security in PHP code floedesigntechnologies code about project.

  • gskema / phpcs-type-sniff

    gskema'sphpcs-type-sniff, PHP CodeSniffer sniff to enforce PHP7, PHP8 types and documentation of array variables gskema code about project.

  • humanmade / coding-standards

    humanmade'scoding-standards, Human Made coding standards for modern code humanmade code about project.

  • hussainweb / drupalqa

    hussainweb'sdrupalqa, Docker image with quality analysis tools for Drupal hussainweb code about project.

  • innogames / igcommit

    innogames'sigcommit, Git pre-receive hook to check commits and code style innogames code about project.

  • inpsyde / php-coding-standards

    inpsyde'sphp-coding-standards, Style guide for writing consistent PHP for WordPress projects. inpsyde code about project.

  • inpsyde / reusable-workflows

    inpsyde'sreusable-workflows, Reusable workflows for common GitHub Actions jobs. inpsyde code about project.

  • isaaceindhoven / php-code-sniffer-baseliner

    isaaceindhoven'sphp-code-sniffer-baseliner, Baseline tool for PHP_CodeSniffer isaaceindhoven code about project.

  • jbzoo / ci-report-converter

    jbzoo'sci-report-converter, The tool converts different error reporting standards for deep compatibility with popular CI systems (TeamCity, IntelliJ IDEA, GitHub Actions, etc). jbzoo code about project.

  • jdlabails / phpprojectanalyzerbundle

    jdlabails'sphpprojectanalyzerbundle, Symfony bundle for code analysis jdlabails code about project.

  • joomla / coding-standards

    joomla'scoding-standards, Joomla Coding Standards Definition joomla code about project.

  • markstory / lint-review

    markstory'slint-review, An automated code linting bot that integrates various code lint tools with github pull requests. markstory code about project.

  • micheh / phpcs-gitlab

    micheh'sphpcs-gitlab, Gitlab Report for PHP_CodeSniffer (display the violations in the Gitlab CI/CD Code Quality Report) micheh code about project.

  • mreduar / laravel-phpcs

    mreduar'slaravel-phpcs, PHP Codesniffer ruleset to follow Laravel's coding style mreduar code about project.

  • oanhnn / slim-skeleton

    oanhnn'sslim-skeleton, Slim Framework skeleton application following MVC construction oanhnn code about project.

  • pfefferle / atom-php-cs-fixer

    pfefferle'satom-php-cs-fixer, Run the 'PHP Coding Standards Fixer' within Atom pfefferle code about project.

  • phpcompatibility / phpcompatibility

    phpcompatibility'sphpcompatibility, PHP Compatibility check for PHP_CodeSniffer phpcompatibility code about project.

  • rarst / phpcs-cognitive-complexity

    rarst'sphpcs-cognitive-complexity, Cognitive Complexity implementation for PHP_CodeSniffer rarst code about project.

  • rtcamp / action-phpcs-code-review

    rtcamp'saction-phpcs-code-review, Github Action to perform automated code review on pull requests rtcamp code about project.

  • sirbrillig / phpcs-changed

    sirbrillig'sphpcs-changed, 🐘 Run phpcs on files and only report new warnings/errors compared to the previous version. sirbrillig code about project.

  • sirbrillig / phpcs-import-detection

    sirbrillig'sphpcs-import-detection, A set of phpcs sniffs to look for unused or unimported symbols. sirbrillig code about project.

  • sirbrillig / phpcs-variable-analysis

    sirbrillig'sphpcs-variable-analysis, Find undefined and unused variables with the PHP Codesniffer static analysis tool. sirbrillig code about project.

  • slevomat / coding-standard

    slevomat'scoding-standard, Slevomat Coding Standard for PHP_CodeSniffer provides many useful sniffs slevomat code about project.

  • staabm / annotate-pull-request-from-checkstyle

    staabm'sannotate-pull-request-from-checkstyle, cs2pr - Annotate a GitHub Pull Request based on a Checkstyle XML-report within your GitHub Action staabm code about project.

  • suin / phpcs-psr4-sniff

    suin'sphpcs-psr4-sniff, [READ-ONLY] PHP_CodeSniffer sniff that checks class name matches PSR-4 project structure. suin code about project.

  • szepeviktor / starter-plugin

    szepeviktor'sstarter-plugin, Template for WordPress plugins, it took 7️⃣ years to write szepeviktor code about project.

  • tomasbjerre / violations-lib

    tomasbjerre'sviolations-lib, Java library for parsing report files from static code analysis. tomasbjerre code about project.

  • vfalies / php7compatibility

    vfalies'sphp7compatibility, PHP 7 compatibility check docker image vfalies code about project.

  • w3bdesign / wp-algolia-woo-indexer

    w3bdesign'swp-algolia-woo-indexer, ✏️ WordPress plugin that sends WooCommerce products to Algolia. Used with headless eCommerce. w3bdesign code about project.

  • wearerequired / coding-standards

    wearerequired'scoding-standards, 💻 required coding standards for PHP, JavaScript and CSS. wearerequired code about project.

  • wordpress / wordpress-coding-standards

    wordpress'swordpress-coding-standards, PHP_CodeSniffer rules (sniffs) to enforce WordPress coding conventions wordpress code about project.

  • wordpress / wpcs-docs

    wordpress'swpcs-docs, WordPress Coding Standards Docs wordpress code about project.

  • wp-cli / wp-cli-tests

    wp-cli'swp-cli-tests, WP-CLI testing framework wp-cli code about project.

  • wppunk / wpplugin

    wppunk'swpplugin, Boilerplate for WordPress plugin using autoload, coding standard, webpack, PHP/JS tests, etc. wppunk code about project.

  • wptide / wptide

    wptide'swptide, :ocean: Tide is a series of automated tests run against every theme and plugin wptide code about project.

  • xthiago / php-skeleton

    xthiago'sphp-skeleton, A skeleton to start new high-quality PHP projects without worrying about bootstrapping everything from scratch. xthiago code about project.

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