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  • astrotomic / laravel-translatable

    astrotomic'slaravel-translatable, A Laravel package for multilingual models astrotomic code about project.

  • bcit-ci / codeigniter

    bcit-ci'scodeigniter, Open Source PHP Framework (originally from EllisLab) bcit-ci code about project.

  • brainmaestro / composer-git-hooks

    brainmaestro'scomposer-git-hooks, Easily manage git hooks in your composer config brainmaestro code about project.

  • centminmod / centminmod

    centminmod'scentminmod, CentOS Shell menu based Nginx LEMP web stack auto installer (GPLv3 licensed) centminmod code about project.

  • changeweb / unifiedtransform

    changeweb'sunifiedtransform, A school management Software changeweb code about project.

  • chillerlan / php-qrcode

    chillerlan'sphp-qrcode, A QR code generator and reader with a user friendly API. PHP 7.4+ chillerlan code about project.

  • craftcms / cms

    craftcms'scms, Build bespoke content experiences with Craft. craftcms code about project.

  • cytopia / devilbox

    cytopia'sdevilbox, A modern Docker LAMP stack and MEAN stack for local development cytopia code about project.

  • dmaicher / doctrine-test-bundle

    dmaicher'sdoctrine-test-bundle, Symfony bundle to isolate your app's doctrine database tests and improve the test performance dmaicher code about project.

  • doganoo / phpalgorithms

    doganoo'sphpalgorithms, A collection of common algorithms implemented in PHP. The collection is based on "Cracking the Coding Interview" by Gayle Laakmann McDowell doganoo code about project.

  • firefly-iii / firefly-iii

    firefly-iii'sfirefly-iii, Firefly III: a personal finances manager firefly-iii code about project.

  • getgrav / grav

    getgrav'sgrav, Modern, Crazy Fast, Ridiculously Easy and Amazingly Powerful Flat-File CMS powered by PHP, Markdown, Twig, and Symfony getgrav code about project.

  • gopeak / masterlab

    gopeak'smasterlab, 简单高效、基于敏捷开发的项目管理工具 gopeak code about project.

  • hihozhou / php-opencv

    hihozhou'sphp-opencv, PHP extensions for OpenCV hihozhou code about project.

  • hprose / hprose-php

    hprose'shprose-php, Hprose is a cross-language RPC. This project is Hprose 3.0 for PHP hprose code about project.

  • ifsnop / mysqldump-php

    ifsnop'smysqldump-php, PHP version of mysqldump cli that comes with MySQL ifsnop code about project.

  • jvoisin / snuffleupagus

    jvoisin'ssnuffleupagus, Security module for php7 and php8 - Killing bugclasses and virtual-patching the rest! jvoisin code about project.

  • kalessil / phpinspectionsea

    kalessil'sphpinspectionsea, A Static Code Analyzer for PHP (a PhpStorm/Idea Plugin) kalessil code about project.

  • larsjanssen6 / underconstruction

    larsjanssen6'sunderconstruction, This Laravel 8 package makes it possible for you to set your website in "Under Construction" mode. Only users with the correct 4 (or more) digit code can access your site. :fire: :boom: :fire: larsjanssen6 code about project.

  • laynefyc / xhgui-branch

    laynefyc'sxhgui-branch, uprofiler UI,xhprof UI,tideways UI , PHP Non-intrusive performance monitoring platform. laynefyc code about project.

  • licoy / wordpress-theme-puock

    licoy'swordpress-theme-puock, :art: 一款基于WordPress开发的高颜值的自适应主题,支持白天与黑夜模式/无刷新加载/第三方登录等众多功能 | A high-value adaptive theme based on WordPress, supports light and dark modes, no refresh loading, etc. licoy code about project.

  • m9rco / algorithm-php

    m9rco'salgorithm-php, 🍭🍭uniting the internal work in a way that is in PHP m9rco code about project.

  • maxpou / docker-symfony

    maxpou'sdocker-symfony, :whale: A docker multicontainer with NGINX, PHP7-FPM, MySQL and ELK (Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana) maxpou code about project.

  • opensourcewebsite-org / opensourcewebsite-org

    opensourcewebsite-org'sopensourcewebsite-org, OpenSourceWebsite (OSW) - Creating an Open and Democratic Online Community. We promote a free society where everyone can participate in decision-making through electronic voting and where open source guarantees data security. opensourcewebsite-org code about project.

  • pangudashu / php7-internal

    pangudashu'sphp7-internal, PHP7内核剖析 pangudashu code about project.

  • paragonie / halite

    paragonie'shalite, High-level cryptography interface powered by libsodium paragonie code about project.

  • pgrimaud / instagram-user-feed

    pgrimaud'sinstagram-user-feed, This is a scrapper to easily fetch any feed and interact with Instagram (like, follow, etc.) without OAuth for PHP. pgrimaud code about project.

  • php-pm / php-pm

    php-pm'sphp-pm, PPM is a process manager, supercharger and load balancer for modern PHP applications. php-pm code about project.

  • phpsocialnetwork / phpfastcache

    phpsocialnetwork'sphpfastcache, A high-performance backend cache system. It is intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load. Well implemented, it can drops the database load to almost nothing, yielding faster page load times for users, better resource utilization. It is simple yet powerful. phpsocialnetwork code about project.

  • phpstan / phpdoc-parser

    phpstan'sphpdoc-parser, Next-gen phpDoc parser with support for intersection types and generics phpstan code about project.

  • phpstan / phpstan

    phpstan'sphpstan, PHP Static Analysis Tool - discover bugs in your code without running it! phpstan code about project.

  • phpstan / phpstan-symfony

    phpstan'sphpstan-symfony, Symfony extension for PHPStan phpstan code about project.

  • polarphp / polarphp

    polarphp'spolarphp, The compiler and runtime of PHP programming language polarphp code about project.

  • prettier / plugin-php

    prettier'splugin-php, Prettier PHP Plugin prettier code about project.

  • rakibtg / sleekdb

    rakibtg'ssleekdb, Pure PHP NoSQL database with no dependency. Flat file, JSON based document database. rakibtg code about project.

  • ramsey / uuid-doctrine

    ramsey'suuid-doctrine, :snowflake::file_cabinet: Allow the use of a ramsey/uuid UUID as Doctrine field type. ramsey code about project.

  • roadrunner-server / goridge

    roadrunner-server'sgoridge, 🧙 High-performance PHP-to-Golang IPC/RPC bridge roadrunner-server code about project.

  • roadrunner-server / roadrunner

    roadrunner-server'sroadrunner, 🤯 High-performance PHP application server, process manager written in Go and powered with plugins roadrunner-server code about project.

  • shadowhand / latitude

    shadowhand'slatitude, A SQL query builder with zero dependencies shadowhand code about project.

  • slevomat / coding-standard

    slevomat'scoding-standard, Slevomat Coding Standard for PHP_CodeSniffer provides many useful sniffs slevomat code about project.

  • thephpleague / plates

    thephpleague'splates, Native PHP template system thephpleague code about project.

  • tpunt / php7-reference

    tpunt'sphp7-reference, An overview of the features, changes, and backward compatibility breakages in PHP 7 tpunt code about project.

  • ttttonyhe / tony

    ttttonyhe'stony, An Elegant WordPress Theme Powered by :v:Vue.js 2 ttttonyhe code about project.

  • unreal4u / telegram-api

    unreal4u'stelegram-api, Complete async capable Telegram bot API implementation for PHP7 unreal4u code about project.

  • uvham521 / webstack-laravel

    uvham521'swebstack-laravel, 一个开源的网址导航网站项目,您可以拿来制作自己的网址导航。 uvham521 code about project.

  • warifp / facebooktoolkit

    warifp'sfacebooktoolkit, a tool to get Facebook data, and some Facebook bots, and extra tools found on Facebook Toolkit ++. warifp code about project.

  • xx19941215 / light-tips

    xx19941215'slight-tips, Some code tips about algorithms, php and more 🔥 xx19941215 code about project.

  • yetiforcecompany / yetiforcecrm

    yetiforcecompany'syetiforcecrm, Our team created for you one of the most innovative CRM systems that supports mainly business processes and allows for customization according to your needs. Be ahead of your competition and implement YetiForce! yetiforcecompany code about project.

  • ziadoz / awesome-php

    ziadoz'sawesome-php, A curated list of amazingly awesome PHP libraries, resources and shiny things. ziadoz code about project.

  • zsgsdesign / noj

    zsgsdesign'snoj, ⚡ The most advanced open-source automatic algorithm online judge system | 南京邮电大学开源 Online Judge | QQ群:668108264 zsgsdesign code about project.

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