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  • alibaba / arthas

    alibaba'sarthas, Alibaba Java Diagnostic Tool Arthas/Alibaba Java诊断利器Arthas alibaba code about project.

  • alibaba / easyexcel

    alibaba'seasyexcel, 快速、简洁、解决大文件内存溢出的java处理Excel工具 alibaba code about project.

  • alibaba / fastjson

    alibaba'sfastjson, FASTJSON 2.0.x has been released, faster and more secure, recommend you upgrade. alibaba code about project.

  • alibaba / sentinel

    alibaba'ssentinel, A powerful flow control component enabling reliability, resilience and monitoring for microservices. (面向云原生微服务的高可用流控防护组件) alibaba code about project.

  • alibaba / spring-cloud-alibaba

    alibaba'sspring-cloud-alibaba, Spring Cloud Alibaba provides a one-stop solution for application development for the distributed solutions of Alibaba middleware. alibaba code about project.

  • aobingjava / javafamily

    aobingjava'sjavafamily, 【Java面试+Java学习指南】 一份涵盖大部分Java程序员所需要掌握的核心知识。 aobingjava code about project.

  • apache / dubbo

    apache'sdubbo, The java implementation of Apache Dubbo. An RPC and microservice framework. apache code about project.

  • apache / flink

    apache'sflink, Apache Flink apache code about project.

  • apache / rocketmq

    apache'srocketmq, Apache RocketMQ is a cloud native messaging and streaming platform, making it simple to build event-driven applications. apache code about project.

  • apache / spark

    apache'sspark, Apache Spark - A unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing apache code about project.

  • appsmithorg / appsmith

    appsmithorg'sappsmith, Platform to build admin panels, internal tools, and dashboards. Integrates with 15+ databases and any API. appsmithorg code about project.

  • azl397985856 / leetcode

    azl397985856'sleetcode, LeetCode Solutions: A Record of My Problem Solving Journey.( leetcode题解,记录自己的leetcode解题之路。) azl397985856 code about project.

  • crossoverjie / jcsprout

    crossoverjie'sjcsprout, 👨‍🎓 Java Core Sprout : basic, concurrent, algorithm crossoverjie code about project.

  • cyc2018 / cs-notes

    cyc2018'scs-notes, :books: 技术面试必备基础知识、Leetcode、计算机操作系统、计算机网络、系统设计 cyc2018 code about project.

  • dbeaver / dbeaver

    dbeaver'sdbeaver, Free universal database tool and SQL client dbeaver code about project.

  • doocs / advanced-java

    doocs'sadvanced-java, 😮 Core Interview Questions & Answers For Experienced Java(Backend) Developers | 互联网 Java 工程师进阶知识完全扫盲:涵盖高并发、分布式、高可用、微服务、海量数据处理等领域知识 doocs code about project.

  • doocs / leetcode

    doocs'sleetcode, 😏 LeetCode solutions in any programming language | 多种编程语言实现 LeetCode、《剑指 Offer(第 2 版)》、《程序员面试金典(第 6 版)》题解 doocs code about project.

  • dromara / hutool

    dromara'shutool, 🍬A set of tools that keep Java sweet. dromara code about project.

  • elastic / elasticsearch

    elastic'selasticsearch, Free and Open, Distributed, RESTful Search Engine elastic code about project.

  • githubdaily / githubdaily

    githubdaily'sgithubdaily, 坚持分享 GitHub 上高质量、有趣实用的开源技术教程、开发者工具、编程网站、技术资讯。A list cool, interesting projects of GitHub. githubdaily code about project.

  • google / exoplayer

    google'sexoplayer, An extensible media player for Android google code about project.

  • google / flatbuffers

    google'sflatbuffers, FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library google code about project.

  • google / guava

    google'sguava, Google core libraries for Java google code about project.

  • hollischuang / tobetopjavaer

    hollischuang'stobetopjavaer, To Be Top Javaer - Java工程师成神之路 hollischuang code about project.

  • iluwatar / java-design-patterns

    iluwatar'sjava-design-patterns, Design patterns implemented in Java iluwatar code about project.

  • ityouknow / spring-boot-examples

    ityouknow'sspring-boot-examples, about learning Spring Boot via examples. Spring Boot 教程、技术栈示例代码,快速简单上手教程。 ityouknow code about project.

  • jeecgboot / jeecg-boot

    jeecgboot'sjeecg-boot, 🔥「企业级低代码平台」前后端分离架构SpringBoot 2.x,SpringCloud,Ant Design&Vue,Mybatis,Shiro,JWT。强大的代码生成器让前后端代码一键生成,无需写任何代码! 引领新的开发模式OnlineCoding->代码生成->手工MERGE,帮助Java项目解决70%重复工作,让开发更关注业务,既能快速提高效率,帮助公司节省成本,同时又不失灵活性。 jeecgboot code about project.

  • jenkinsci / jenkins

    jenkinsci'sjenkins, Jenkins automation server jenkinsci code about project.

  • jhipster / generator-jhipster

    jhipster'sgenerator-jhipster, JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures. jhipster code about project.

  • judasn / intellij-idea-tutorial

    judasn'sintellij-idea-tutorial, IntelliJ IDEA 简体中文专题教程 judasn code about project.

  • kdn251 / interviews

    kdn251'sinterviews, Everything you need to know to get the job. kdn251 code about project.

  • libgdx / libgdx

    libgdx'slibgdx, Desktop/Android/HTML5/iOS Java game development framework libgdx code about project.

  • macrozheng / mall

    macrozheng'small, mall项目是一套电商系统,包括前台商城系统及后台管理系统,基于SpringBoot+MyBatis实现,采用Docker容器化部署。 前台商城系统包含首页门户、商品推荐、商品搜索、商品展示、购物车、订单流程、会员中心、客户服务、帮助中心等模块。 后台管理系统包含商品管理、订单管理、会员管理、促销管理、运营管理、内容管理、统计报表、财务管理、权限管理、设置等模块。 macrozheng code about project.

  • nativescript / nativescript

    nativescript'snativescript, ⚡ Empowering JavaScript with native platform APIs. ✨ Best of all worlds (TypeScript, Swift, Objective C, Kotlin, Java). Use what you love ❤️ Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Solid, Svelte, Vue with: SwiftUI, Jetpack Compose, Flutter and you name it compatible. nativescript code about project.

  • philjay / mpandroidchart

    philjay'smpandroidchart, A powerful 🚀 Android chart view / graph view library, supporting line- bar- pie- radar- bubble- and candlestick charts as well as scaling, panning and animations. philjay code about project.

  • ray-project / ray

    ray-project'sray, Ray is a unified framework for scaling AI and Python applications. Ray consists of a core distributed runtime and a set of AI Libraries for accelerating ML workloads. ray-project code about project.

  • reactivex / rxjava

    reactivex'srxjava, RxJava – Reactive Extensions for the JVM – a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs using observable sequences for the Java VM. reactivex code about project.

  • redisson / redisson

    redisson'sredisson, Redisson - Easy Redis Java client with features of In-Memory Data Grid. Sync/Async/RxJava/Reactive API. Over 50 Redis based Java objects and services: Set, Multimap, SortedSet, Map, List, Queue, Deque, Semaphore, Lock, AtomicLong, Map Reduce, Bloom filter, Spring Cache, Tomcat, Scheduler, JCache API, Hibernate, RPC, local cache ... redisson code about project.

  • seleniumhq / selenium

    seleniumhq'sselenium, A browser automation framework and ecosystem. seleniumhq code about project.

  • skylot / jadx

    skylot'sjadx, Dex to Java decompiler skylot code about project.

  • snailclimb / javaguide

    snailclimb'sjavaguide, 「Java学习+面试指南」一份涵盖大部分 Java 程序员所需要掌握的核心知识。准备 Java 面试,首选 JavaGuide! snailclimb code about project.

  • spring-projects / spring-boot

    spring-projects'sspring-boot, Spring Boot spring-projects code about project.

  • square / leakcanary

    square'sleakcanary, A memory leak detection library for Android. square code about project.

  • square / okhttp

    square'sokhttp, Square’s meticulous HTTP client for the JVM, Android, and GraalVM. square code about project.

  • square / retrofit

    square'sretrofit, A type-safe HTTP client for Android and the JVM square code about project.

  • thealgorithms / java

    thealgorithms'sjava, All Algorithms implemented in Java thealgorithms code about project.

  • xkcoding / spring-boot-demo

    xkcoding'sspring-boot-demo, 🚀一个用来深入学习并实战 Spring Boot 的项目。 xkcoding code about project.

  • xuxueli / xxl-job

    xuxueli'sxxl-job, A distributed task scheduling framework.(分布式任务调度平台XXL-JOB) xuxueli code about project.

  • youngyangyang04 / leetcode-master

    youngyangyang04'sleetcode-master, 《代码随想录》LeetCode 刷题攻略:200道经典题目刷题顺序,共60w字的详细图解,视频难点剖析,50余张思维导图,支持C++,Java,Python,Go,JavaScript等多语言版本,从此算法学习不再迷茫!🔥🔥 来看看,你会发现相见恨晚!🚀 youngyangyang04 code about project.

  • zxing / zxing

    zxing'szxing, ZXing ("Zebra Crossing") barcode scanning library for Java, Android zxing code about project.

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